Day 4 – Home again and 9th in the table!!

I realise that its only day 4 but I uploaded my runs this evening and I’m 9th in the table!  Obviously strictly speaking I didn’t upload them within 24 hours etc etc but… Continue reading

Day 3 – A 3 mile explore

3 miles in a peaceful forest where I saw no-one. The only creatures I saw were rabbits, pheasants and some beautiful horses with their foals.   Wonderful! 3 miles in 30:29, avg 10:02… Continue reading

Day 2 – A Slow 10 miles

Another lovely day. We hired some bikes and headed off on a interesting out and back route. I decided to run especlly as my beautiful 5 year old definitely takes enough breaks to… Continue reading

Day 1-Beautiful New Forest

And so it begins…….. I am lucky enough to be beginning this Juneathon in the New Forest. Very little coverage so pictures will have to wait but hopefully I’ll be able to publish… Continue reading

Ahhhh it’s Juneathon tomorrow!

I am so unprepared for Juneathon tomorrow……. Bring it on!!!!!!

Virgin London Marathon 2012-Completed!

Had you asked me when I signed up for my 1st marathon that I would complete 3 I would have laughed!  I have now completed my 3rd Marathon and I have learnt more… Continue reading

60 minutes!

I am officially running-ish again.  I managed 60 mins continuously, well mostly continuous, running yesterday with relatively few side effects.  Yippee!!!  It was only mostly continuously because I took my 7 year old… Continue reading

Cautiously running

First of all “Congratulations to all you amazing Janathoners for making it look soo easy!” and equally as important, “Thank you to you all for your lovely comments and best wishes, they cheered me… Continue reading

No Janathon this year…Boo!!

Just in case it hasn’t been noticed I haven’t entered Janathon this year.  Many excuses but the main one is I managed to sprain my ankle a few weeks ago and haven’t been… Continue reading

Cabbage Patch 10

Sunday 16th October was the Cabbage Patch 10 mile race which is a lovely local race and this was my third time.  It starts in Twickenham near the Cabbage Patch Pub(always good when… Continue reading