He did it!

What a beautiful morning for my 8 year’s old first parkrun.  I was feeling surprisingly nervous.  What if we couldn’t park(quite likely!), what they said no you can’t run(??), what happens if he… Continue reading

Inspiring parkrun!

Yesterday I did something unusual for me, I went to support at a race. Plustenner was coming to visit and suggested doing the Wimbledon parkrun. My hubbie was playing golf so no running… Continue reading

Trying to get back into running….

There has been a lack of running recently. In fact my ‘driest’ spell since I started, although this could have coincided with the wettest summer ever! I decided I’d had enough and I’d… Continue reading

Juneathon – What happened?

Well done to all those amazing Juneathoners!!  I’m completely in awe!! Um well Juneathon ended up being a little bit of a disaster.  Nothing drastic, just of the balls I juggle, one of… Continue reading

Day 21 – Creepy Crawlies Concert

Keep it going Juneathoners you’re nearly there!! Today I’m afraid running didn’t quite happen but I did walk into town while looking after my friend’s beautiful baby girl(am not broody) to pick up… Continue reading

Day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17………um might have failed? You think?!

Ok so I’ve failed but lets see how I can do for the rest of the month….. Anyway a summary of my week.  I worked at the British Triathalon at Bleinham Palace on… Continue reading

Day 9 – a short unmotivated one

Finally with help from fitartist, runforthequiet and phillengthorn I got out about 4pm. Not very motivated today and the 3 miles was not particularly easy, but I did it. I’m off to have… Continue reading

Day 8 – Popcorn and movie day(while doing a plank?)

Today I knew it was going to be another “difficult to fit in a run” day and with the constant rain I didn’t really feel like I could do the same thing to… Continue reading

Day 6 & 7 – National Running Day!?! let’s buck that trend……

Controversially I didn’t run on National Running Day. Um lots of excuses………main one being I took the little people to the farm and then once I’d finished work it was gone 10pm…..um yes… Continue reading

Day 5 – Another Lovely Day

It’s been such a lovely long weekend.  As a family we’ve spent it just together without the usual running around that seems to accompany weekends at the moment. Today we went on a… Continue reading