Ahhh clear head, much better! Now if I had, had a clear head yesterday I would have remembered to mention the exciting thing that happened this weekend.  As I mentioned during jazz hands,… Continue reading


I was planning in having a dry January this year, after my friend’s 40th, which was yesterday. So why did I feel the need to consume a month’s worth of alcohol in one… Continue reading

Jazz Hands

10 miles with company is soo much better than alone.  Today I was lucky enough to be joined by abradypus and another friend for a bimble around the local roads.  My friend was… Continue reading


Today’s run was with the little people. But I’m not going to talk about that in much detail, except it was a lovely run with the little ones on their bikes which of… Continue reading

Nervous run

Tonight was a nervous run around the block. There has been a few muggings close to my house recently and it worried me tonight. I kept to lit roads and left my music… Continue reading

Run, walk, eat cake.

My beautiful children are still on holiday and as I did round the block in the dark yesterday, today’s run was to be with them. Luckily they still enjoy coming out with me.… Continue reading

Last minute entry

Firstly, a huge thank you to all your wonderful support of my last post. Thank you, I feel very loved. Ok, ok yes I’ll do it. Once you’ve done it once, it’s difficult… Continue reading


Currently I’m hiding upstairs out of the the way of my Mum.  Strange I realise but its giving me a chance to write this blog. I’m not sure that I ever wrote about… Continue reading

What I Love About Running

One thing that I love about running is how friendly and supportive fellow runners are.  Complete strangers on twitter give encouragement to fellow runners freely and enthusiastically, it’s such a wonderful thing. Another… Continue reading

Race Technique

Recently its starting to dawn on me that we should “race” differently to when we “train”.  I’ve spent awhile listening/reading about how “hard a race was”, “how I found it hard to breathe”,… Continue reading