Very Cold and it hasn’t snowed here yet!

A beautiful clear VERY COLD day for today’s run.  I had soo many layers on that after about 100 metres I was overheating!  Maybe too cautious methinks?? After our fab interval session on… Continue reading

Short one

Just a short one tonight……….fitted in a run this morning getting my little boy into school for his pre-school class at 8am!  1/4 mile in Uggs and a big winter coat, I’m afraid… Continue reading


Went for a lovely run today with my mummy runners. I thought (which means we), I needed to try some interval work. Lucky ladies! The suggestion and subsequent explanation was greeted with excitement… Continue reading


1 mile completed today which brings my total to 50 miles so far, that’s crept up on me! Slightly manic day, working, kiddies and now working again so it’s a short blog today… Continue reading

Marathon Training Plans…..

So I’ve got 12 weeks to go until Brighton and I thought I should look at marathon training plans.  Don’t worry I have been increasing my mileage and my long run but I… Continue reading

20 mins left……..

Ooh 20 mins left to get my blog in. 1 mile completed today around the block in between kiddie classes. Now we’re heading back from a lovely afternoon/evening where I’ve successfully made up… Continue reading

Bath or Shower or Neither?

Thing that I love about knowing someone training for an ultra is the fact that her mid-week runs are the length of my long runs! This week I planned an 11 miler and… Continue reading


Day 10 of Janathon……feeling sleepy…….4.? miles completed……..zzzzzzzz

Slippy knickers

Today I’m going to talk about pants. Does anyone find sometimes that they start a run and within a few steps realise……. “Oh no, I’ve got slippy knickers on!” Maybe it’s just me… Continue reading

Chasing Men

This morning’s run was with my two fellow mummy runners.  We have a lovely time mostly chatting and running followed by a cup of tea and some chatting.  Deep down I think that… Continue reading