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Ahhh clear head, much better! Now if I had, had a clear head yesterday I would have remembered to mention the exciting thing that happened this weekend.  As I mentioned during jazz hands,… Continue reading

Race Technique

Recently its starting to dawn on me that we should “race” differently to when we “train”.  I’ve spent awhile listening/reading about how “hard a race was”, “how I found it hard to breathe”,… Continue reading

He did it!

What a beautiful morning for my 8 year’s old first parkrun.  I was feeling surprisingly nervous.  What if we couldn’t park(quite likely!), what they said no you can’t run(??), what happens if he… Continue reading

Inspiring parkrun!

Yesterday I did something unusual for me, I went to support at a race. Plustenner was coming to visit and suggested doing the Wimbledon parkrun. My hubbie was playing golf so no running… Continue reading

Summer hols nearly over……

Ok I’m a sporadic blogger.  No excuses, well many that I could list but I’m not going to bore you! So what has been happening?  I have managed to fit in some runs.… Continue reading

2nd Week Completed!

So last week I managed to successfully complete a week of Febulous and my long run of 10 miles.  Yippee!  And of course my parkrun, which my son has expressed an interest in… Continue reading

First parkrun complete!

So unlike shazruns ‘seriously’ training for her first parkrun I decided to take another route…. Karaoke night, with just a little wine and not so early to bed, as my little ones would… Continue reading