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Day 7-Reached 30 miles!!

Very excited, reached 30 miles! Really didn’t want to go today.  Feeling tired and rotten and it didn’t look as though I wouldn’t get lucky with the rain again, but hubbie came home… Continue reading

Day 6-Lucky Day

How lucky am I?! Having watched the rain ALL day it stopped just in time for my run. I don’t mind running in the rain but it was lovely that I wasn’t going… Continue reading

Day 5-A Late One

My first of many late ones this evening. Well its the latest I’ve gone out for a run. I remember coming back from a night out not so long ago to see someone… Continue reading

Day 4-Legs feeling a lot better thanks guys

A hot bath worked wonders yesterday, thank you for all your helpful tips.  So today I took the little ones for a scoot around the block in case I didn’t manage to get… Continue reading

Day 3 – Stairs could be a problem!

Ok I went to get out of bed this morning and both of my legs were solid.  As I hobbled to the bathroom I wondered whether this was how my legs were going… Continue reading

Day 2 – A ramble through the woods

My legs are sore today from yesterday, there is obviously going to be a technique to this! This morning I climbed out of bed while everyone was still asleep(won’t sound so dedicated in… Continue reading

And so it begins

Starting a challenge like this after celebrating a drunken New Year’s Eve, was definitely more difficult to consider this morning than yesterday! So I decided to take it easy on myself and try… Continue reading

Here we go……

Finally after a week, at least, of debating I have decided to sign up for Janathon and start my first blog. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute! Here’s to being a… Continue reading