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Day 17-Running Backwards

Ok I didn’t run my whole run backwards, in fact it was only a tiny part, about 1/4 mile at the end, but I thought as I was doing all this running forwards… Continue reading

Day 16-60 miles completed

I have reached 60 miles!!  I’m quite pleased about that, so having had no goals when I started except finishing, I’m going to officially say that I’d like to finish and reach 120… Continue reading

Day 15-Two Runs!?!

Its been a lovely day today.  Went for a run with two friends (I’d forgotten how nice it is to run with people!) and it felt good all the way round.  We ended… Continue reading

Day 14-Cute picture

Congratulations to everyone for nearly reaching halfway!! Personally today was a difficult one.  Very tired with heavy legs and the last thing I wanted to do this evening was go for a run… Continue reading

Day 13-Can you guess what it is yet?

Ok after yesterday fabulous high I guess its only natural that I would be tired today, so time to try some more drawing……. Off I went to the football pitches (many more dog… Continue reading

Day 12-I’m loving this!

I’m loving this! Went for a lovely run on the common this morning, got thoroughly muddy and it was fabulous.  Ok my legs are tired and everyone thinks that I’m barmy, “so which… Continue reading

Day 11-A Quickie

Today has been a bit manic and now I’m off to a friend’s birthday party but most importantly I have done my run, logged it and now here is the shortest blog ever!… Continue reading

Day 10-A Smilie Attempt

Oooh it was a struggle to get up this morning!  I’m enjoying this challenge and I’m amazed that I’ve run 10 days in a row but this morning was tough.  On the plus… Continue reading

Day 9-‘J’ is for Janathon

Today I thought I’d try something new with my short run.  It was a suggestion by a fellow Janathoner to see what we could draw with our GPS.  So I decided to start… Continue reading

Day 8-Cartoon fall

Today’s was always going to be short. I’m on a course all day today and tomorrow so I decided to run home from the station. How do people run with rucksacks? Mine was… Continue reading