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Day 27-The Answer

An easy, gentle one today.  I was running with a friend who is doing her first London Marathon this year but she has had some niggles with her foot so we went for… Continue reading

Day 26-Red Wine, A Good Recovery Drink?

Today’s was always going to be a struggle to fit in (and to do after yesterday’s high) so I decided to hitch a lift back with my study friend to her house and… Continue reading

Day 25-Short and Very Sweet

“100, 100, I have reached 100” Yippee!!!!!!   Today’s stats: Distance: 3.22 miles Time: 27 mins 40 secs And just incase you missed it………. Janathon Total to Date is………….. 100 miles

Day 24-Pilates

So after yesterday’s ‘wide awake’ run I hoped to wake up nice and refreshed…..or maybe not.  We were nearly all late for school as ‘Mummy’ couldn’t move her arse out of bed!  But… Continue reading

Day 23-Umm very tired!

Thank you very much for your suggestions yesterday.  I shall be looking them all up over the next couple of days to give me a new focus come February and maybe actually follow… Continue reading

Day 22-A Question

Where as I would do a short recovery run today(round the block) to complete my aim I set off for my 3 miles.  I’m quite pleased/surprised that my legs managed to do it… Continue reading

Day 21-Much Better Day

Thank you so much to everyone’s comments yesterday which definitely cheered me up.  They have been much more angelic today, helped by the fact that my hubbie was home early and I went… Continue reading

Day 20-Good Run, Annoying Kids

Sorry guys, I had a lovely run this morning with a friend but since then my kids have been less than angelic so the mood has been lost.  If I had the time… Continue reading

Day 19-Verbal Diarrhea

Short recovery run today, well actually I was feeling lazy, so I just did my round the block route. Once I got out it was lovely, with the added benefit of bumping into… Continue reading

Day 18-Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it is out there.  Blue skies and bright sunshine which always seems to make people happier. Beginning to recognise some of the dog walkers now, which could be a… Continue reading