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Nervous run

Tonight was a nervous run around the block. There has been a few muggings close to my house recently and it worried me tonight. I kept to lit roads and left my music… Continue reading

Run, walk, eat cake.

My beautiful children are still on holiday and as I did round the block in the dark yesterday, today’s run was to be with them. Luckily they still enjoy coming out with me.… Continue reading

Last minute entry

Firstly, a huge thank you to all your wonderful support of my last post. Thank you, I feel very loved. Ok, ok yes I’ll do it. Once you’ve done it once, it’s difficult… Continue reading

Cautiously running

First of all “Congratulations to all you amazing Janathoners for making it look soo easy!” and equally as important, “Thank you to you all for your lovely comments and best wishes, they cheered me… Continue reading

No Janathon this year…Boo!!

Just in case it hasn’t been noticed I haven’t entered Janathon this year.  Many excuses but the main one is I managed to sprain my ankle a few weeks ago and haven’t been… Continue reading

4 Sleeps To Go

Soo lovely to get your comments, thank you.  I have missed the community of Janathon! Managed 3 runs last week, varying speeds, tried some ‘speed’ work but to be honest I’m going to… Continue reading

Day 31-Janathon Completed!

We did it guys! Did I think it was possible to run 31 days in a row?  Not in the slightest! Did I think I could write for 31 days in a row?… Continue reading

Day 30-Exhausted!

Very, very tired today, must be the month adding up! The kids looked so disappointed when I said I was going for a run this morning, that I decided that I would run… Continue reading

Day 29-Um no parkrun then

My lovely hubbie decided as I came to bed quite late(got distracted by reading blogs, again!) that I could have a lie in.  Such a cutie crept out and left me until 8.45,… Continue reading

Day 28-Febulous?

Listened to Marathon Talk on my run today, brilliant!  Liking the idea of ‘Febulous’, anyone else interested? I was pretty grumpy all day today so I really didn’t want to run and oddly… Continue reading