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1 mile completed today which brings my total to 50 miles so far, that’s crept up on me! Slightly manic day, working, kiddies and now working again so it’s a short blog today… Continue reading

Marathon Training Plans…..

So I’ve got 12 weeks to go until Brighton and I thought I should look at marathon training plans.  Don’t worry I have been increasing my mileage and my long run but I… Continue reading

20 mins left……..

Ooh 20 mins left to get my blog in. 1 mile completed today around the block in between kiddie classes. Now we’re heading back from a lovely afternoon/evening where I’ve successfully made up… Continue reading


Day 10 of Janathon……feeling sleepy…….4.? miles completed……..zzzzzzzz

Slippy knickers

Today I’m going to talk about pants. Does anyone find sometimes that they start a run and within a few steps realise……. “Oh no, I’ve got slippy knickers on!” Maybe it’s just me… Continue reading

Chasing Men

This morning’s run was with my two fellow mummy runners.  We have a lovely time mostly chatting and running followed by a cup of tea and some chatting.  Deep down I think that… Continue reading


Ahhh clear head, much better! Now if I had, had a clear head yesterday I would have remembered to mention the exciting thing that happened this weekend.  As I mentioned during jazz hands,… Continue reading


I was planning in having a dry January this year, after my friend’s 40th, which was yesterday. So why did I feel the need to consume a month’s worth of alcohol in one… Continue reading

Jazz Hands

10 miles with company is soo much better than alone.  Today I was lucky enough to be joined by abradypus and another friend for a bimble around the local roads.  My friend was… Continue reading


Today’s run was with the little people. But I’m not going to talk about that in much detail, except it was a lovely run with the little ones on their bikes which of… Continue reading