Life Experiences

Two weeks ago I fell while running.


It was a beautiful day and I was running with a friend through the woods. Unfortunately I tripped and fell onto my ankle. I heard a load crack, which my friend assures me was a twig but it makes the story more interesting if it’s my bone! We hobbled home and strapped it up, borrowed crutches and an airboot and very quickly it became the most protected sprain ever. These precautions, I think definitely stopped me from doing any further damage and I am very grateful of this.


I’ve sprained my ankle before so I have some idea of what happens and how quickly I can bear to put weight on the foot again. It became clear over the weekend that maybe it wasn’t just a sprain, so I went to get it x-rayed. Luckily I did, as it was fractured.

I’ve been very lucky over the years, I’ve had minor injuries but I had never broken anything. This experience is truly helping me to empathise with people who find themselves injured and being unable to undertake normal activities. I am finding this difficult and this then compounds the guilt that everyone is being so amazing and helpful; meanwhile I’m struggling not to be grumpy or tearful. Ask any mother if they would like the opportunity to sit watch movies, have someone else pick up their children and they would jump at the chance but the reality is slightly different. Then as a runner and used to the regular runs, in fact thrives off them, knowing that I have to keep sane without running is quite overwhelming.

So I thought I would try to keep a diary of the healing process. At the moment I am in an airboot 24/7(yes it is hot and yes it does smell) and I’m mainlining painkillers. My poor husband discovered the other day that if you try to buy too many painkillers in one go a very worried/polite person comes to take most of them away 😉 I have an amazing set of friends who are rallying round me and my husband has a level of patience passed that of any normal person, saint like even.

I realise that I am a very lucky person and there are lots of things that I been wanting to get done or books I’ve wanted to read that I can now do. But I guess its human nature to want to do what we can’t…………