It’s been a LOOONNG time!

Wow it’s been over 2 years, how time flies! No excuses, just writing has been low on my priorities.  So what has happened………

First things first and probably the main reason I stopped writing, Brighton Marathon 2013.  It was an unbelievably tough race, even thinking about it now, I was exhausted by halfway and we definitely hadn’t gone off too fast.  It was one of the most challenging marathons I have ever run.  But I got to run with Alma which was lovely and I met the very patient Lorriane without whom I may not have finished.  It turned out I was anaemic, which explained a lot and over time I have put Brighton down to being a great mental challenge.

In the following September, I got a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to do Athens Marathon in November? We didn’t have enough time to train properly but the opportunity to run on the route of the original marathon was too tough to resist……..  Limited training went to plan and then a couple of days before we were due to fly, I read some race reports.  It appeared that there might be a small hill during the race.  In the back of my mind I kind of knew this, I vaguely remembered something about Athens being surrounded by hills so to run into Athens would involve running over a hill maybe πŸ˜‰. 

So on the morning we took a taxi to the start, where dressed as Greek goddesses (of course!) we spent most of the build up having photos taken with other runners.  It was a lovely distraction from prerace nerves!  The race was well organised with beautiful scenery however it was the hill which killed me in the end and probably the unusually warm temperatures.  We went uphill from approx 12km to 32km.  But finishing in the original Olympic stadium was AMAZING and  worth every minute of “what am I doing??”

After that I took 2014 off from running Marathons.  I completed my first triathlon(that deserves its own post!) and did a couple of shorter races including Bath Half which was fantastic.

Are you still there??  Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I think that’s enough catching up for today.  Next stop Paris πŸ˜ƒ