Marathon Training

Less than two weeks to go and provided I don’t do anything silly I will be running Brighton Marathon. I’m very excited and looking forward to the day(taper madness obviously hasn’t kicked in yet) but the training this time has been an amazingly hard slog. I can easily say that without the help and support of 4 wonderful ladies I would not be fit enough to stand at the starting line.

Maybe it’s been the cold and rain?
Maybe it’s been juggling my work and training?(my job is slightly physical)
Maybe I had a mystery virus for a few weeks?(I like this option)

Whatever the reason is I can honestly say I nearly gave up and deferred indefinitely.

But I didn’t and I haven’t and that in itself I think is a win!

I have been loosely following the improvers Marathon Talk schedule which I partly chose due the long runs being based on time rather than miles. I bottled it in the end and did the mileage. I wasn’t confident that I would get enough miles in my legs otherwise.

I did follow some of the rest of the schedule. I’ve done 3-4 runs each week, usually with one easy, one containing stints of marathon pace and one with some sort of speed work. Two races, one half where I completed a “Devon flat” course in 2:14 and a 16 miler where Alma and I added 4 miles onto the beginning to make it 20. I was pleased with both. My aim in the half was to run at a steady pace and not fade and the 20 miler was to have an average of 11 min/miles. Both accomplished!

So my final aim is to complete the marathon in under 5 hours, with Alma.

Bring it on!!!!!!!