Marathon schedule

Thank you for all of your helpful comments on marathon schedule. 11 weeks to go now until Brighton, I have finally decided which schedule that I’m going to follow. I downloaded a few as already mentioned, Runners World, the schedules suggested by the Brighton Marathon organisers and the schedules set up by the Marathon Talk guys. I’ve looked at Abradypus’s schedule, Shazruns’ schedule and considered what I have done before.


The main difference between them came down to the length of the long run. The Marathon Talk schedules had one run 3 hours or over, while for example the Runners World schedule had 5 runs which would take me 3 hours plus. That feels like a huge difference!

I’ve run three marathons before, last year I had 6 weeks out so is difficult to count. The time before I followed a schedule which was 4 times a week and the time before that I was extremely inexperienced and some weeks just did the long run because I was too tired to do anything else. That experience taught me that your long slow runs really should be slow!

Why don’t I follow the 4 times a week schedule which gave me my last marathon pb? Um I suppose because I like to experiment and ultimately slightly lazy………if I can run a marathon after having done one 3 hour long run as opposed to 5 isn’t that worth an explore?

So my plan is to follow the Marathon Talk’s schedule, and see what happens…….

The other part of my plan is to keep you posted on how it goes 😉

(yes I realise that days 24-26 are missing-lovely mummy runners run, great long run with Abradypus and Plustenner, run with my little boy and some friends, broken fridge/freezer so cooking marathon occurred and sick hubbie)