And the snow came…..

During January I am lucky enough to have abradypus‘s company for my long runs.  Yippee!!  Not sure what I’m going to do in February but hey that’s weeks away.

We left today and it was definitely snowing.  Despite not being the biggest fan of snow, I do love running through virgin snow and taking pictures of it.  So we stopped, a lot, to take pictures of snow, smiley faces created in virgin snow(unfortunately that one didn’t come out!) and of course pictures of footprints in the snow with beautiful backdrops.


The snow changes the way the landscape looks so at times we felt like intrepid explorers, especially when we were running into the wind.  Next time I need a cap, the snowflakes were getting stuck on my eyelashes!!  There were times where I’m sure neither of us really knew where we were…….but luckily we ended up where we planned to eventually.


From a running point of view, I find it tough running through snow, one step forward, a couple of steps back and not being sure what is underneath the snow(very cold puddle in one case) but it makes a lovely change.  You are forced to relax and enjoy the run otherwise you’d spend the whole time stressing and lets face  it that’s not why we do it.  I was stressed when we started and thoroughly relaxed by the time we finished.  Job done!

This is the “picture” which abradypus took when she said her fingers were too cold to control the camera………

Oh no I can’t insert it, oh well it was only me running away from the camera, you get the general idea.