Went for a lovely run today with my mummy runners. I thought (which means we), I needed to try some interval work. Lucky ladies!

The suggestion and subsequent explanation was greeted with excitement and joy(ummm not really) and certain level of, “ok then lets go”, without waiting for a response, was necessary 😉

We did 4 mins at a threshold pace, which was described as “chasing the man” pace, followed by 2 mins jogging/walking depending on how we were doing and we did it 4 times. Having done this type of training before I had some idea of how to pace my runs so I could not only finish the first one but complete the following 3. The mummy runners did an amazing job! After a maybe too fast first session( I only say that because I couldn’t keep up!) they completed the other sessions and actually admitted they enjoyed theirselves when they finished. Yippee!!!!!!!! Hopefully now if I’m not feeling motivated one of the others maybe!

Once a week is now the plan………..

3.8 miles completed today