Marathon Training Plans…..

So I’ve got 12 weeks to go until Brighton and I thought I should look at marathon training plans.  Don’t worry I have been increasing my mileage and my long run but I thought I should start to follow something properly.

There is a huge array of plans out there, abradypus has lent me one, I’ve downloaded one from Runners World, Brighton Marathon has its own version and I’m also looking at one from Marathon Talk.  There is also the famous Macmillan schedules and many other versions.  What I am discovering that they vary in mileage per week, length of long run and the type of training during the week.  Part of me wants to follow the relatively low mileage ones(I’m ultimately lazy) but worries that I won’t get enough mileage into my legs.

I like to know what I’m doing in the weeks ahead so schedules that only let me know what’s going on week by week are not ideal.  With little people I do need to do a certain amount of juggling e.g. my long run has to be on a Friday, but equally I know if left to my own devices to make up my own plan, I would get to the marathon probably under trained.

So I’m receiving the Brighton Marathon training schedules on a Friday and I’ve printed off two of the Marathon Talk schedules and over the next few days I’m going to compare those with abradypus’s schedule to pick one…..

I should probably just close my eyes and jump, maybe I haven’t done that because it would feel too real?



13 days run streak completed……….IMG_1105