Bath or Shower or Neither?

Thing that I love about knowing someone training for an ultra is the fact that her mid-week runs are the length of my long runs!

This week I planned an 11 miler and luckily Abradypus could join me.  It was a beautiful run into Richmond Park and the sun even made an appearance at times.  Abradypus bounded along as though we were out for a walk and I made her do extra loops to make myself feel better 😉

Running training for me is a bit like a cycle.  I have times when I have no injuries and training has been going well and I’m the one bounding along.  Other times I’m the one building up the training and being the one keeping people back.  It’s times like that I try to remember how I feel when I’m in the position of the bounder.  I enjoy the fact that I can help someone and it doesn’t bother me at all what speed we are going at.  No I’m no thinking that I wish that person could speed up and stop taking so long.  Hopefully that is what Abradypus was thinking today.  If she wasn’t she is a FABULOUS and very encouraging actress!

Today’s question is prompted by my post run shower.  I love showers after very cold runs, slowly warming up under the water, taking forever and sometimes running out of hot water.  I tend to find that I don’t warm up after a run until I have had my shower.  But I have never been a bath person, it takes too long to fill and then I get bored lying there.  I know I could read a book but I always end up dropping it.

What’s your favourite method of warming up after a cold run?