Slippy knickers

Today I’m going to talk about pants.

Does anyone find sometimes that they start a run and within a few steps realise…….

“Oh no, I’ve got slippy knickers on!”

Maybe it’s just me but before I get to the end of the road it feels like my pants have slipped down as far as my running tights would allow. You’d think that while wearing a pair of tight running leggings(which I would never would have been caught dead in before I took up running but that’s another story!) this wouldn’t be a problem. But they get all bunched up and the only way to get comfortable again is to discreetly, while running usually in a very public area, stick my hand down my tights! Anyone else suffer this problem?

I’m sorry if this has created any odd pictures in your mind and you’ll be pleased to know that today’s picture won’t be relating to the above 😉

Today’s picture is my lovely new shoes…..


Oh yes and I did 1 mile around the block, 9 days in a row completed!