Chasing Men

This morning’s run was with my two fellow mummy runners.  We have a lovely time mostly chatting and running followed by a cup of tea and some chatting.  Deep down I think that we are all a little bit competitive but so far it’s been kept very well hidden.

Today as we ran up the hill to the common we passed a man.  One who obviously had just run but was currently walking and breathing quite heavily.  What is it about men and the inability to have 3 girls dressed in pink run past them?  He looked spent.

A few meters further on, he comes zooming past us, dashed across the road and kept on going.  We thought nothing of it and carried on going, crossed the road and then a quick jumper break to remove that extra layer.  Then we noticed that he was walking again, the temptation grew too strong.  So the three of us started to chase him.  Poor man was probably doing a run/walk strategy and had no idea what chaos he had produced behind him!  We just caught him and he started to run again but this time around a corner unfortunately not the way we were planning on going.  Meanwhile the chatting had stopped and we were concentrating on the running.  Should we follow or should we stick to our plan?

We followed him around the corner in the wrong direction for us.  We were taunting the poor man!(actually I think that he was oblivious)  As he was about to turn another corner thereby making it extremely obvious(if it wasn’t already) that we were following him, we decided to stop our chase. Wow all three of us were bent over double catching our breath.  That’s the way to get us to do speed training!!

5.37 miles completed, slightly longer than planned due to following the man.

So far in January I’ve completed 30.7 miles…….I’m pretty pleased with that.