Ahhh clear head, much better!

Now if I had, had a clear head yesterday I would have remembered to mention the exciting thing that happened this weekend.  As I mentioned during jazz hands, I was at the Wimbledon parkrun.  Now as much as I love abradypus I wasn’t solely there to cheer her on.  My eldest was running his 4th parkrun.  He loves to run the parkrun and usually I run with him but as I was doing 10 miles later, his father ran with him.

I absolutely love my hubbie, but seriously he doesn’t run, he plays football occasionally and some golf.  Anyway it was all planned except Friday evening he announces that he has left his trainers and football boots at work.  Not ideal for running 5k the next day.

So he ran in an old pair of casual shoes……..


Seriously?!  And he barely looked puffed!

Anyway I digress, my eldest has for the last 3 runs, run just over 34 mins, much to his annoyance but last Saturday he knocked a whole 58 seconds off his PB to run 33:09.  I’m so proud of him.