Today’s run was with the little people. But I’m not going to talk about that in much detail, except it was a lovely run with the little ones on their bikes which of course included cake in the middle again. Tomorrow’s run without a break for cake might feel quite tough……..

So what shall I talk about? I can’t be stuck on day 4! This is always the most difficult part, the blogging everyday!

That said, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading everyone’s blogs, there is so much inspiration out there. And the support is fantastic, partly the reason that I keep coming back(that and jogblog’s gently reminding tweets). I only wish that I had enough time to read them all! Keep going, you are all amazing!

Today’s picture is a random sign we found in the wood, I wouldn’t want to have to follow that cable? What do you think the missing words are?


Day 4
Approx 5.5 miles, as watch stopped, in about an hour and half.