Run, walk, eat cake.

My beautiful children are still on holiday and as I did round the block in the dark yesterday, today’s run was to be with them.

Luckily they still enjoy coming out with me. My eldest decided to run and my youngest came on her bike. Our runs/cycles involve lots of stops, bribes and enviably a stop at a cafe. I thoroughly enjoy them(once we have got up THE hill).

View at the top of THE hill!

View at the top of THE hill!

Not sure exactly how much exercise I get but they get plenty and the house is lovely and quiet for a little while after we have got back home.

So today the plan was to go to the Windmill cafe on the common, have cake, and then come home. They did amazingly well, I’m very proud of them and it means that I can spoil them all afternoon and not feel guilty.

Day 2-Run/Walk

5.20 miles in 1:32:42 avg. 17:50 min/miles (including all stops except cafe stop!)