What I Love About Running

One thing that I love about running is how friendly and supportive fellow runners are.  Complete strangers on twitter give encouragement to fellow runners freely and enthusiastically, it’s such a wonderful thing.

Another favourite is showing people how with a little bit of regular training, it is possible to run 5k, 10k or even to the end of the street without feeling like you want to keel over.

There are two ladies that I have been running twice a week with since the beginning of September.  Now I will freely admit that at that point my running mojo was at an all time low.  I was even considering deferring my Brighton Marathon place potentially permanently.  It was taking all my willpower and tricks and some, to get out of the door.  I wasn’t even running with my little boy.  So at the beginning of September I was half heartily trying to start again and two lovely ladies invited me to run with them.

Now I have loved my last 3 marathons but it does give me a false reputation.  Just because I have run a marathon doesn’t necessarily mean that I am either fit or fast!  Especially if that marathon was last year!  But it does mean occasionally it can be difficult to persuade people that I am not taking pity on them or that they will be keeping me back and that I really WANT to run with them.  It’s the social side that I love.

So anyway back to these two ladies.  One I would call a sporadically regular runner(yes you are!) and the other started recently doing a ‘couch to 5k’ training plan to do a Race for Life last June.  She did an amazing job at slowly building it up until today she did her first 10k.  6.3 miles to be exact at a storming pace.  And that’s what I love, seeing someone complete their goal(to be honest she completed it with ease!) and the subsequent high.

Finally I love those few times that you are out running and you experience ‘the runners high’ the feeling that life is good and that how could I ever doubt that I enjoy running!