Race Technique

Recently its starting to dawn on me that we should “race” differently to when we “train”.  I’ve spent awhile listening/reading about how “hard a race was”, “how I found it hard to breathe”, “you work through the pain, zone it out”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I find races difficult, but no more difficult than running the same distance in training.  I think that I run each race like a training run.  If it hurts too much in the first few miles then I’m going too fast and I slow down and  I pay too much attention to my Garmin and the speed that I’ve decided before the race to run.  I’m too afraid that if I start too fast I’ll collapse or embarrass myself in some way.  So I plod, (nothing wrong with that) and I enjoy the races but there’s a competitive side of me who wonders if I can do better…….?

I ran with my little boy on his 2nd parkrun a couple of weeks ago.  He was amazing.  The first one he ran a fast first lap and then a much slower second lap.

This time he was Mr Consistent, walked only once and finished with exactly the same time to the second!  What I was impressed with the absolute conviction the whole way that he was going to beat his time.  No doubts at all even after we passed halfway a good 90 seconds slower than the first time.  I kept all of my negative thoughts to myself and just listened in awe.

I also realised that during this short time that I can beat him, I’m not so I can build his confidence and therefore when he is ready to be beaten I probably won’t be able to!!

So what is the point of today’s post?  Partly to let you know about my little boy’s second parkrun(very proud) but also to persuade myself that despite that fact that my longest run recently is only 5 miles, I can “race” 10 miles tomorrow morning.  After all the longest run before a marathon is less than the actual distance…………

My aim tomorrow(taking a leaf out of fortnightflo’s book and writing it down makes me accountable!) is

if I’m having a good day to finish under 1 hour 40

plan B to finish under 1 hour 45

and ultimately under 1 hour 50……….