He did it!

What a beautiful morning for my 8 year’s old first parkrun.  I was feeling surprisingly nervous.  What if we couldn’t park(quite likely!), what they said no you can’t run(??), what happens if he has a complete melt down and doesn’t even get round one lap(foolish thought).  My boy was a picture of calm and quietly excited, which I was really pleased about because sometimes it can be a struggle to get him to try things……

We started towards the back after I explained the etiquette of the slower runners should start at the back and suddenly we were off.  I thought that it would be a relatively easy run for me but I was wrong.  It was like an intense interval session.  Sprint here, dart through there, slow for a short while then off like a shot again.  Meanwhile I’m trying to follow him, without losing him.  “Excuse me”, “I’m sorry just trying to chase that little boy!”  We covered the first lap in just over 15 mins!  At this point he was looking fresh and I was beginning to worry.  As he pointed out to me at the end “you are sweating a lot more than me mummy”

The second lap was slower but he still ran/sprinted a large portion and secretly I was pleased that he did some walking!

We crossed the line at around 34 mins(in the excitement I had forgotten my garmin!) and then due to a record-breaking number of people doing parkruns this weekend we had to wait until Sunday to get the results.  In fact the emails only came through today.  Anyway his official time for his first parkrun run, drum roll please……..was 34 minutes and 7 seconds and of course he beat his mummy!