Inspiring parkrun!

Yesterday I did something unusual for me, I went to support at a race. Plustenner was coming to visit and suggested doing the Wimbledon parkrun.

My hubbie was playing golf so no running for me so I suggested she still did the parkrun and we’d cheer her on. The lovely Abradypus was also able to join us. Party time!

I am always amazed at the work of the volunteers at parkruns. Tirelessly each week the parkrun happens, regardless, and inspires a wonderful range of different shapes, sizes and speeds of runners. Absolutely brilliant to show the kids and they enjoyed seeing everyone pass, twice. I’m really proud of them as they clapped every runner and insisted on clapping everyone long after Alma and Louise passed.

This has inspired my eldest to try the parkrun next Saturday which is all I could have hoped. Now it’s up to me to make he enjoys the experience!

(Oooh yes and the Olympian Sophie Hosking came and patiently allowed the entire of the Wimbledon parkrun a chance to see the GOLD medal and congratulate her. What an amazing lady!!!)