Trying to get back into running….

There has been a lack of running recently. In fact my ‘driest’ spell since I started, although this could have coincided with the wettest summer ever!
I decided I’d had enough and I’d only run when I felt like it, maybe a side effect of following a schedule since October.
I had some lovely runs while I was on holiday on the beach and a couple of runs with the kids on bikes and that’s been it. So when I sawAbradypus and I suggested that maybe I could join her for part of her 12 miler, I was really pleased when she said yes. The plan was for her to run 3 miles, then I’d join her for the middle 6 and then she would run home.
Oooh I realised I was not fit but it’s has been reconfirmed! Poor Louise had to loop the hill at least 2/3 times(I lost count, I was too busy distracting myself) while I moved in a running action, I didn’t walk, slowly to the top.
It was a lovely run, a beautiful morning and it has given me the impetus to get my backside in gear. Thank you Louise!