Juneathon – What happened?

Well done to all those amazing Juneathoners!!  I’m completely in awe!!

Um well Juneathon ended up being a little bit of a disaster.  Nothing drastic, just of the balls I juggle, one of them had to drop.  Actually to be honest my running also has been dropped.  I’ve been doing an online running coach since October last year and I have learnt a lot about myself.

First lesson – I’m not very good at being told what to do, this was very evident at school when I managed to do the family tree for Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice without reading the books.  Having read them since, they are brilliant but not if I’m told to do it!

Second lesson – If I don’t have a race booked, asking me to do 14 mile runs is very annoying, necessary or not!!  Obviously this is something that proper runners do but I tend to have used up all of my brownie points in the time just before the marathon so just popping out for 14 miles becomes an issue.

Third lesson – If I can’t do something properly I’d rather not do it all.  I’ve been finding it demoralising not completing my schedule and thus affecting everything connected to running.  I’ve done the least running recently since my daughter was born.

So it could be that I’ve got bored with running or it could be following a schedule when I don’t need to?

I have now stopped my online training, 3 months early and I will now run when I want, where I want, for as far as I want and hopefully rediscover my love.