Day 21 – Creepy Crawlies Concert

Keep it going Juneathoners you’re nearly there!!

Today I’m afraid running didn’t quite happen but I did walk into town while looking after my friend’s beautiful baby girl(am not broody) to pick up a birthday present for a party this weekend.

Walked around and around and around the local park until the shops were open, went and spent time deliberating on which ‘pink’ item they would like the best(a present for a girl if you hadn’t already guessed?), queued, only to find that I hadn’t actually bought any money with me.

Not at all embarrassing!  But on the plus note instead of today’s exercise being a 2 mile walk, it would be a 4 mile walk.  Yippee!!!!

Yesterday I did manage a run.  A friend of mine kindly took over the chaos of teatime while I did a 2 miler around the block.  Four children during teatime or a 2 mile run, I definitely got lucky.

I thought you might like to see a picture of my little girl going to school as a ladybird for her Creepy Crawlies Concert.  I love Reception shows, the children have no sense of embarrassment, yawning, picking their noses, badly timed singing, I absolutely love it!