Day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17………um might have failed? You think?!

Ok so I’ve failed but lets see how I can do for the rest of the month…..

Anyway a summary of my week.  I worked at the British Triathalon at Bleinham Palace on the Sunday, which a fascinating experience.  I arrived about 8am which involved getting up at 6am and I’m not really a morning person.  Luckily at that time on a Sunday I didn’t see anyone and even I can’t sleep through driving to Oxford, so I was awake once I got there!  I met some great people and had some interesting clients and got back home about 8pm.  I must admit I just ate and then went straight to bed so no Juneathon exercise that day.

Monday I do Pilates so that counted towards Juneathon, yippee!!!  And then my little boy got sick…….no exercise Tuesday or Wednesday.  He’s better now(fingers crossed) so I managed to run 10 miles in two 5 mile sessions on Thursday(I had meeting in the middle which I did shower and change for!).  Friday it was my turn……spent the day on the sofa feeling sorry for myself but felt much better on Saturday when I managed 3 miles in just under 28 mins, my fastest for awhile.  And then today was Father’s Day.  I was always likely to fail today as its my hubbie’s day and he is such an amazing father that it’s a day to spoil him and part of spoiling him is for me not to disappear for a run.  He is wonderfully supportive of my running but with anything it can get a bit constant so no mention of running or going for a run today!

We’ve had a lovely peaceful day just playing with the kids.  Went for a picnic at the local park which was empty and then went home and played some more.  Idyllic.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!