Day 8 – Popcorn and movie day(while doing a plank?)

Today I knew it was going to be another “difficult to fit in a run” day and with the constant rain I didn’t really feel like I could do the same thing to my little ones again.

So another plan was needed…….I liked henniemavis‘s plan although while I’m sure my hubbie would initially be interested, he also probably wouldn’t be too impressed when I wrote about it! I wondered about taking a sheet and a skateboard and using the wind to my advantage, ummmm supposed to be responsible(at least in front of the kids).

We ended up dodging the rain on the way to the supermarket and on the way back, as it unsurprisingly hadn’t stopped! Then we made a gingerbread house……


followed by popcorn and a movie.  In fact the day couldn’t actually be much more the opposite of Juneathon if it tried!!  Tomorrow hubbie is around in the afternoon, I think, so I plan on having a normal run and if I get really lucky a dry one!

We’re over a quarter of the way through, great work everyone!!

0.5 mile very fast as we were dodging the drops.