Day 6 & 7 – National Running Day!?! let’s buck that trend……

Controversially I didn’t run on National Running Day. Um lots of excuses………main one being I took the little people to the farm and then once I’d finished work it was gone 10pm… yes I could have gone for a run then but I seemed to be a little tired, excuses, excuses!!

So day 6 consisted of chasing little people around a farm, actually it’s not that bad nowadays but I need to make it sound like I got some exercise. But as fairweatherrunner suggested seeing a llama appeared to give me a “get out of jail card” I did actually see a llama. No proof though as I didn’t know about the rule at the time(yet more excuses!). I was at a farm in Surrey, of course they had a llama!

Day 7 started with an impeding threat of rain so I put my running gear on and bundled the little people out to do “intervals” around the playground before the “heavy” rain started. Luckily there was no-one else there as I did think I’d feel a little silly running around the playground, which incidentally is pretty much 150m round. Ideal as I planned on doing 200 m reps and one 800m. The pothole in the grass which I nearly twisted my ankle on, on every lap was a lovely obstacle in addition to the occasional leap over the fence as naturally if anything kicked off I was at the furthest point from the gate.

Actually I throughly enjoyed the reps I did manage and the little people seemed to enjoy the completely empty playground.(the bad mother did feed them hot chocolate and wrap them in a blanket to warm them up after their slightly wet session)

20120608-094150.jpg just in the corner of the picture, I’m sure I saw a tumbleweed.

I have no idea how I’m fitting in today’s sessions, supermarket dash today? Or maybe even a dressing gown dash……? Any bizarre suggestions welcome……..

2.55 miles during an hour-ish.