Day 4 – Home again and 9th in the table!!

I realise that its only day 4 but I uploaded my runs this evening and I’m 9th in the table!  Obviously strictly speaking I didn’t upload them within 24 hours etc etc but nonetheless I’m quite excited about this as normally I have to scroll down for ages to find my name.  It will all change as the month goes on but temporarily I’m in the top 10!!

Although it was lovely to be away, its also good to be home, sadly enough because I get to type on a computer rather than blog on my phone.

Today I came up with my first excuse.  We played rounders earlier today and when my hubbie asked “when I was going for a run” I answered “but surely the rounders game counts?”  Bless him, he definitely thinks we are mad but to his credit he said “but aren’t you supposed to run everyday?”  So todays run is totally due to my hubbie unfortunately knowing the rules and reminding me of them.

I had a 3 mile hilly run on my schedule which I completed begrudgingly but I felt really good and quite righteous at the end.

As promised some of my favourite photos from our weekend in the New Forest.

Beautiful views……


Proof that I did actually run on this cycle ride…




Um might have put a bit too much bubble bath in!


3.7 miles in 38:12, avg 10:18 min/miles