Day 2 – A Slow 10 miles

Another lovely day. We hired some bikes and headed off on a interesting out and back route. I decided to run especlly as my beautiful 5 year old definitely takes enough breaks to allow me to catch up. 

A small matter of a busy road to ride along before the more relaxing path.  Minor heart attack for me.  Is it always this difficult to try to let them do new things like ride on the road?  My word, my heart was in my mouth.  And why can’t cars give a wider berth especially when obviously little people are cycling?  I ended up running on the road making myself as big as possible to protect.  

Anyway back to the run beautiful countryside again, gorgeous weather and just enough breaks!  We got out 5 miles and stopped for a picnic.  So relaxing and then we headed back. What more could you want?!

Run completed 10.07 miles in 3:14:20, 19:18 min/miles and approx 90% running, 10% stopping and walking. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekends.