60 minutes!

I am officially running-ish again.  I managed 60 mins continuously, well mostly continuous, running yesterday with relatively few side effects.  Yippee!!!  It was only mostly continuously because I took my 7 year old out with me on his bike.  He was fabulous if a little fast for the first 30 mins but then he began to deteriorate …….until at 45 mins he just wasn’t going any further.  He did an amazing job, 45 mins cycling, but that left me 15 mins short.  It was maybe a little ambitious to expect him to do an hour?  So I waited until my hubbie came home 2 hours later to complete my run.  It’s amazing how fresh that last 15 mins can be with a 2 hour break and a couple of brownies!

So this week I have 4 runs to do, 40 mins, 50 mins, a 4 mile time trial(what!?!) and 1 hour 20 mins.  I’m really excited to be actually following a schedule again and I’m off to find an ankle sleeve(thanks happy runner) and be careful what you wish for fortnightflo.  The last person to run any length of time with me, asked for some ear plugs!