Cautiously running

First of all

“Congratulations to all you amazing Janathoners for making it look soo easy!”

and equally as important,

“Thank you to you all for your lovely comments and best wishes, they cheered me up no end!”

So how did I cope without being able to run…..not so well!  I tried cycling as suggested, it was ok.  Being able to cover HUGE amounts of miles in a much shorter time made me feel impressed but I didn’t get the same completely overwhelming exhaustion you can get from a long run.  Maybe you’re not supposed to be feeling like that after a run?

I got to know Richmond Park quite well and discovered that I don’t really like cycling down steep hills, must be a control issue.  But I went out 3/4 times a week and tried to cycle fast around the park.  Hopefully this will have helped my fitness.  I did consider aqua jogging but I wimped out.  I couldn’t quite get myself to the local swimming pool to jog in the deep end with a float on.  What a wimp!  But if anyone wants to give it a try I’ve got the relevant float!

Now I am running again!  Yippee!!  However very slowly and gently, being ultra paranoid about my ankle and/or falling again.  And to be honest although it doesn’t hurt when I’m running or walking it is sore afterwards and in certain positions.  It does take a long time to heal!

So to my marathon training, on the plus side all of the pressure is off now.  I can tell you my original plan now and not worry as my new aim now is to be able to take part.  I was aiming to break my pb and get as close to 4 hours as possible but as my longest run since Dec 18th is 30 mins I will go to enjoy the day.

It has been a great learning experience, as I’m involved in sports injuries, so I’m trying to take as much from the experience as possible to be able to emphasise with clients.  And I got to enjoy the Christmas season without having to worry when I was going to fit a run in!

Since December I have completed 5 runs, starting at 15 mins and I’m now at 30 mins, there are 2 months and 12 days to VLM……bring it on!!