No Janathon this year…Boo!!

Just in case it hasn’t been noticed I haven’t entered Janathon this year.  Many excuses but the main one is I managed to sprain my ankle a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to run since.  I’ve been very lucky so far as this is my first run stopping injury.  Maybe I should have stopped with the other injuries but this one has actually stopped me.  So I’m currently living up to my name and steadily going crazy!  I realise that I can do other exercise and still take part but I think that would just make me more grumpy!  I’m trying cycling but it’s just not the same.  Never really thought I was a runner until I am not allowed to.  Still I’ll be back, hopefully with enough time to train for London.  Sad not to be doing Janathon but I’ll be there in the background reading as many as I can and supporting.