Cabbage Patch 10

Sunday 16th October was the Cabbage Patch 10 mile race which is a lovely local race and this was my third time.  It starts in Twickenham near the Cabbage Patch Pub(always good when races involve pubs) and then roughly goes along the river to Kingston, Richmond and then back to Twickenham.  This makes it a flat course with its greatest incline at Richmond Bridge(maybe I’m always tired at this point).

Thoroughly enjoyed it again and due to my lack of ‘training’ decided to try running at a steady pace throughout the race rather than my usual, start too fast and then fade!  This seemed to work wonders as I ended up finishing in 1:33:53 a pb by 2 minutes.  Obviously my training wasn’t that bad after all.

Talking of training, I have been lucky enough to have been given a present of some online training.   I have my coach and she puts up a weekly schedule for me, designed for me……it was week one last week and seemed to go ok.  Left to my own devices I would avoid speedwork and hills so being forced to do speedwork and runs at different paces should make a difference.

I had to give an aim, this will be mentioned in a later post because at the moment I think it’s an unachievable one(they did ask for my ultimate aim) and I don’t want to embarrass myself so this together with time trials is how I guess my training is worked out.

My other aim is to write regular blogs on how the training is going, good and bad……