VLM 2012

I have a place in the Virgin London Marathon 2012!!


Its only taken 5 years of trying.  I have run London twice before with Golden Bond places but its nice to have the pressure off this time.  There are other marathons I realise but I do enjoy London and its only every other year that I’ve been able to persuade my OH to do the childcare required for me to do the training.

The history of my marathons so far…

2008 5 hours 10 mins and some amount of secs – enjoyed thoroughly and could even walk the following week!

2010 4 hours 59 mins 10 secs – expected myself to be faster so was quite disappointed with my time.  Um yes it was a pb but I had been expecting more of myself.

So my plan for this time.  A pb definitely as I believe I can do better but to an actual time, who knows.  A marathon is a completely different beast……