Summer hols nearly over……

Ok I’m a sporadic blogger.  No excuses, well many that I could list but I’m not going to bore you!

So what has been happening?  I have managed to fit in some runs.  Not many in July but I did manage to finish and pass my course.  YIPPEE!!  Come August I was lucky enough to go to the Algarve for 2 weeks.  A magnificent apartment in a lovely little fishing village called Salema which was not too touristy and definitely still a fishing village.  Good food, very relaxing and lovely running.  Yes I ran on holiday…….doesn’t normally happen I hasten to add.  My running partner and I suggested an aim of 15 miles a week over the summer and I was not hugely confident.  But after one morning running on the empty beach, I was sold.  The waves, the sun, the sand between my toes, I ran 8 times in the 2 weeks!!  About half barefoot!  Didn’t make the 15 a week but it was close.

And I discovered once I got home that I had unintentionally completed two weeks of strength training.  My runs when home seemed easier and faster.  Result!

Off down to the West Country to see my mum, dad and sister for a week where my sister and I went to try the Killerton parkrun near Exeter.  Unfortunately we arrived 5 minutes late and they had already started but they were kind enough to explain the route, point us in the correct direction and off we went.  Being a middle-ish of the pack runner I had a lovely confident boost as I slowly caught and overtook some of the field.  The course itself was beautiful.  It’s a one lap undulating course but not as hilly as it could be and very friendly as you’d expect from a parkrun.

So here we are the end of the summer holidays already and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them.  Feeling very lucky.