Day 26 – What a Beautiful Hot Day!

What a gorgeous day!  It was hot at 10 when I headed over to meet my friend to run the Epsom Race for Life.  The race was due to start at 11am and there was a beautiful view over the racecourse from the car park.  We walked downhill to the warm-up, little did we realise………..that this was a 5k race with 4.5k of hills!  I’m sure technically speaking there wasn’t, but it definitely felt that way!

I’m not sure that I have done a race for life before?  It was very well organised, a lovely atmosphere and catered for everyone.  The fact that we were sectioned into runners(those aiming for under 30 mins), joggers and walkers made it very beginner friendly.  And due to the beautiful weather(I didn’t need the warm up!) the crowd support was lovely and very necessary up those last few inclines.

So I hear you ask did you meet the challenge?????  I’m afraid no, not at all, I finished 30 mins 44 secs with many excuses including heat and hills but overall it was a lovely race and I got to spend some quality time with a friend, without any kids.

Would I do it again?  Actually yes, it’s a good excuse for a catch-up and next time I will prepare for those hills!