Day 24 – Sports Day

It was very lovely to be missed, thank you everyone!

Today it was my eldest’s sports day.  It was very cute in a completely non-competitive way!  Everything is done in teams and if you blink you miss the fact that someone might have won…..

For the last couple of years they’ve done a Mum’s race and a Dad’s race.  Both are very funny.  The parents line up chatting, nonchalantly as if they really don’t care, not really paying attention until, GO!  They turn into a hungry pack of animals who haven’t eaten in days and will do anything to get to the food first.  Maybe I should use the glass of wine at the end of the day analogy?!  Anyway its the funniest thing to watch and I would be lying if I said I haven’t lined up and done the Mum’s race.  Elbows and pushing all over the place!  But actually isn’t it a little important for the little people to experience something competitive?  Anyway I digress, this year there was a change to the program……no Mum’s and Dad’s race.  A tug of war instead!  Can anyone remember the last time you did a tug of war?  Absolutely hilarious!

I couldn’t use the Mum’s race as my Juneathon then……shame, so the only slot I had today was in between the end of sports day(which is luckily only 1 hour) and picking up the littlest.  A ‘quick’ 2 miles was the order of the day(needed to shower as well) and after yesterday it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.  Which gave me hope for Sunday’s 5k Race for Life……..  Under 28 mins?