Day 23 – Did you miss me?

I have realised something recently, I’m not soo good at multi-tasking.  I know I’m a woman and I should be able to do this but over the last few days I just haven’t physically been able to fit anything more in.  Without forgoing sleep and to be honest no-one wants to experience that(there is a reason why both my children slept through relatively quickly!?!) the days just haven’t been long enough.  So here I am 3 days later………

I managed a run this morning with my very fast running friend(it would be nice if she sweated and got out of breath on our runs!) and it was feeling like an uncomfortable pace(trying to make up for 3 days of nothing) but when I got home I must admit I was disappointed with my stats.  I think that I just have to get used to the fact that I’m out of shape and therefore that means speed as well.  The best I have been was after my last marathon…… I have to do a marathon training schedule to improve again!?!

It was lucky that I ran this morning because the lovely plustenner came for a ‘relaxing’ lunch with me and two little people.  She brought dunkin donuts with her.  I’ve never tried these before, very sweet but very nice and strangely moreish.  Without realising I had two………definitely good thing I ran and please don’t bring me them again!?!