Day 19 – Big Floating Balls

It’s such a good thing that I couldn’t really type on my iPhone yesterday otherwise the blog could have been very gushing!(I’m generally a happy drunk!).  Um yes runtezza there were no typos, but it did take the WHOLE 40 minute journey to type it.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there!

Somehow I didn’t have as bad a headache as I thought I might….which was lucky as I had a father to spoil.  Not too sure how much of it was spoiling their dad or them, but we went to the fun fair.  I haven’t been to one for years, bah humbug part…….HOW MUCH!?!  But actually to see the excitement and joy it was worth every penny.

So back to Juneathon and struggling to get a run in, time-wise and headache-wise, I had a brain wave………..

Floating balls within which you can run.  Brilliant!

Looking mostly as though for children only but I’m only little, it could be an option?

Naturally I got my little ones to test it first!

It looked sufficiently tiring and quite difficult to stay standing up, perfect exercise.

I was all ready with my money to have a go and add it to the increasing list of bizarre Juneathon activities until I noticed my daughter who was having a go….

Very elegant for a 4 year old but a 37 year old?  Who was also wearing a skirt?  Even I’m not that crazy.  Trousers I would have done it but decided that I needed to keep some dignity in tack!

Day 19

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 1 hour(not bad for little legs)