Day 16 – Lucky Day

After yesterday’s shorter than planned run I was hoping to get a run in while my littlest did Playball.  It’s a lovely place to run as it’s on the common so to be honest there are no excuses and I got very lucky.  It was the only sunny part of the day over here.  I love running through the common as you can pretend that you are in the middle of the countryside and totally alone.  Just clear your head or just let yourself get lost in the music.

So coming back to reality I thought as we were over halfway I should have a look at my totals so far……..and compare them to Janathon.

By day 16 in Janathon I had reached 60 miles!  I knew that I wasn’t entering this in the same way but I was hoping to have reached at least 30 miles????

35.6 miles which is not bad in the grand scheme of things.

Now I’m going to attempt to catch up on some of your amazing blogs!