Day 14 – Dressing Gown Dash Round 2

As promised, I plan on running my obstacle course each week to try to improve on my time.  The first round was completed on Day 7, thus today being Day 14 I limbered up to try to improve on my time……….

Um something I didn’t account for was how HOT it was today running in a dressing gown and funnily enough felt more silly than last time as I got a friend to come to take photos.  Nearly persuaded her to have a go, but I think it was the fact that she was sweating standing there taking the photos and our sides hurt from laughing!

So the results……drum roll please…….

Round 1

Time: 2 mins 25 secs

Distance: 118 ft


Round 2

Time: 1 min 56 secs  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

and wait for it, according to the garmin……

Distance: 213 ft – Nearly 100 ft further…..?????


Luckily for everyone(except maybe me) the pictures seemed to work this time!

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