Day 13 – Little Gremlins

“Yippee I can get out for a run today!!” were exactly the thoughts going through my head today………..

Mondays I generally do 2-3 miles on my way to Pilates, then an hour of Pilates.  I figure if I’m using brownie points to go to Pilates I may as well run as well.  Multi-tasking, however it does mean that if I’m at all not feeling like going I do have two barriers to overcome……..the run and the Pilates!

Today the little gremlins(I mean the ones in my head) were working overtime so off to the wonderful excuse generator created by cakeofgoodhope.  It helped tremendously!  Had to do a few (hundred) cycles to realise that I was going to go out and I would feel better.

My garmin was playing up(15 mins in the garden with no clouds in the sky and it asked if I was indoors!) so I’m guessing I ran a couple of miles and then a great Pilates class.  Yes I am pleased I got out there……

We are nearly half way through everyone, WELL DONE!!!!!