Day 12 – 5 Hours of Parties!

Today my littlest had two parties with just enough time in between for the adult(me) to have lunch.  10-12.30 on a farm and then 3.30-6 in someone’s house.  5 hours of little very excited people, cute-ish and as it was raining, all of it in confined spaces.  I love the parties and seeing how excited they get but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m now thoroughly partied out and enjoying the silence!

So running……..while the kids were being bewitched by a magician, I and a couple of other slight mad mums went on the bouncy castle.  I haven’t been on one for years.  Its soo much fun and surprisingly hard work.  Hopefully bouncing for 30 mins (at least!) will count towards my Juneathon……….?  Please?

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Day 12
Distance: unknown?
Time: 30 mins