Day 9 & 10 – Oops Where Did Day 9 Go?

Imagine my surprise to discover that today is the 10th and it appears as though I haven’t got an entry written for the 9th.  How did that happen?  Luckily I’m doing this for the challenge and the fun, cause strictly speaking that means I’ve failed………  maybe no-one will notice…… I’ll just carry on as normal…….

Yesterday I went for a lovely gentle run when the sun was shining and it wasn’t doing an impression of April.  My legs were very heavy, which was a norm at this point during Janathon, but the run felt good.

Today however was going to be one of those potential Dressing Gown Dash Days.  Since E has been going to pre-school something which I had an inkling maybe true, has slowly over the last year and half shown itself to be true.  If there are going to be showers, they will be at their heaviest at either 8.30-9, 11.20-11.45 or 3-3.30.  This proved to be the case today.  Beautiful sunny morning and then it slowly got darker and darker.  Just before I left the house(about 11.15) a loud clap of thunder and then halfway to school(11.20) the heavens opened.  Proper rain, the type which goes through to your underpants within 30 seconds, so I ended up doing some interval work for the 2nd time this week.  To school and then home from school with E on her scooter.  In a way it was really nice to feel that I could do that run and not feel out of breath, however this lasted a short time as I realised I had a very wet and cold dripping girlie on my hands!

One complete change of clothes and a snuggle on the sofa with hot chocolate the world was right again.  Nearly turned on the fire……but no its June!

Day 9 & 10

Distance: 3.04 miles + 0.25 mile?

Time: 29 mins 49 secs + very fast!!